Being an authentic marketing specialist

I have spent over a decade writing numerous blogs and crafting website content and copy for other businesses. Now I am writing the first ever blog post for Barker Brooks Creative and it feels weird and wonderful at the same time!

I always find it surprising that there are countless marketing consultants, freelance marketers, copywriters, website designers etc. all stating that keeping an up-to-date blog is super important in terms of driving people to websites and looking authentic as a business. However, if you go and look at their own business blog and Facebook page, the very content they preach about is either non-existent or inconsistent for their own enterprise.

I may very well be setting myself up for a fall by stating the above, so watch this space! I probably shouldn’t lecture on this topic just yet. It has been a mere five minutes since setting up my marketing business but I do aim to practice what I preach.

Some might say they are too busy to write a blog or update their own social media business accounts, that all of their time is taken up doing this for their clients. I honestly mean it when I say – good for them. They have built up a regular source of clients and are happy with the amount of work coming in. But I do wonder how they feel when telling potential customers that having a blog and regularly updated website content is one of the most fundamental aspects of a website, then not do it for themselves. Is this not a contradiction about the very service they are so passionate about providing?

This first post on Barker Brooks Creative is about setting myself the challenge of keeping our blog updated with at least two informative and creative posts per month (wish me luck). It will also give my customers confidence in my ability as a marketer and all-round creative wonder woman.

So there you have it, my first short-but-sweet blog post. If you have come this far, I hope you agree that I can at least spell and have a basic grasp of English and grammar. I have also jam-packed this blog full of lovely ‘keywords’ for good old SEO purposes, totally for my own benefit (sorry not sorry).

Do pop back for creative tips to help your business grow with Barker Brooks Creative. The best thing is that everything written on this blog is completely FREE for you to go and implement within your own business. Of course, you can get in touch and let me help if you need a hand (after all, I do have a mortgage to pay and a dog to feed). Catch us over on Facebook and Instagram too. I look forward to seeing you over there!